Radiology Billing Services

In 1982, a group of radiology technicians found that radiologists and their practices were losing money. Because radiology billing lacked consistency and precision, these technicians knew they could apply their knowledge to find a better solution. As a result, they founded Affiliated Professional Services, and to this day, APS is a top performer in the field of radiology.

While we service many specialties, radiology remains our core focus. As an industry leader for over 36 years, APS provides radiology practices with unrivaled expertise. As Radiology evolves, APS changes along with it. In this industry, it is essential that practice managers and physicians use an informed billing company. Our ability to predict and track radiology trends solidifies our status as the choice billing partner. In addition to our complete grasp of the field, we also customize our services to fulfill the individual needs of our clients.

APS consistently invests in the best technology. By doing so, we are able to accurately and efficiently perform charge capture/reconciliation, claims submission, and denial management. As we consistently surpass industry standards, our extensive front end edits result in cleaner claims and fewer re-files/appeals. Over 97% of APS claims are adjudicated on first pass which exceeds the RBMA benchmark by 10%.

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Services: Radiology Billing

  • Complete revenue cycle management
  • Coding
  • Physician credentialing and re-credentialing

 Supporting Functions

  • Individualized Client Services
  • Customized information reporting & performance monitoring