Pathology Billing Services

At APS, we understand that pathology billing is unique and requires specialized knowledge and proven experience. Familiarity with anatomical, surgical and clinical pathology is essential to a successful billing outcome. While some pathology practices may still use a paper format, APS has developed information technology programs that create a paperless transmission from your practice to APS.

APS has invested in technology that supports the level of excellence necessary for your pathology billing needs. When it comes to charge capture/reconciliation, claims submission and denial management, we exceed industry best practices. An extensive series of front end edits result in cleaner claims, fewer re-files and/or appeals.

Over 97% of APS claims are adjudicated on first pass resulting in a healthier A/R picture for your practice.

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Services: Pathology Billing Services 

  • Complete revenue cycle management
  • Coding
  • Physician credentialing and re-credentialing

Supporting Functions 

  • Individualized Client Services
  • Customized information reporting & performance monitoring