Oncology Medical Billing Services

Oncology is one of the most highly respected of all the medical fields. Patients visit the oncologist when they are at their most vulnerable both medically and financially. We at APS understand that oncology patients and their families are already experiencing a huge burden in their lives before they ever see the oncologist.  APS realizes that oncology billing can prove to be a complex process and can only intensify your patients’ stress levels. Our streamlined filing processes ensure that our clients’ oncology billing receives thorough and timely attention.   APS’s standard of producing reliable and accurate results ensures that our Oncologist clients and their patients are able to spend more time on their care and treatment without the worry of the billing process. Our clients can rest assured that our claims processing technology will provide the highest reimbursement possible.

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Founded in 1982, APS provides our Oncology clients with the necessary business and Oncology billing experience experience to handle the most rigorous demands associated with oncology billing. Our cutting-edge technology enables us to offer our clients the flexibility required to compile data from multiple sites and systems. We have invested heavily in technology that surpasses the standard typically present in oncology billing today. APS has developed processes that are considered to be the “best practices” in current oncology medical billing. We have successfully designed and implemented these practices with respect to charge capture and reconciliation, claims submission, and denial management. An extensive series of front-end modifications has enabled us to offer our oncology clients a simpler billing experience. This has resulted in an over 97% claims paid on the first pass which results in a healthier accounts receivable.

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Services: Oncology Medical Billing

  • Complete revenue cycle management
  • Coding
  • Physician credentialing and re-credentialing

Supporting Functions

  • Individualized Client Services
  • Customized information reporting & performance monitoring