Hospitalist Medical Billing Services

A growing niche in medical specialties is the hospitalist, or physician who practices exclusively in the hospital environment.  This physician provides and coordinates the day-to-day care for hospital patients. Hospitalists typically have a background in family practice, internal medicine or pediatrics. A hospitalist acts as the conductor, orchestrating all the care the hospitalized patient requires to obtain the best medical outcome possible. Although the  physician does this within the structure of the institutional setting the services provided by the hospitalist are physician services, not hospital services.

In the hospital

This new and expanding method of patient care demands billing services provided by a company experienced in properly attributing the care and collaboration among the many medical professionals a particular hospitalized patient receives. The variety of tests, procedures and treatment options, including equipment and facility use, requires a billing service that is capable of managing varied, interrelated and complicated coding and contractual issues among practitioners and institutions carefully and completely.

APS has taken the time and effort to develop a sophisticated and specialized set of systems to offer the hospitalist extremely reliable and responsible billing support in this still developing speciality. A proactive and extensive investment in state of the art billing technology allows APS to make sure its hospitalist medical billing clients are provided certain methods to ensure the appropriate  and maximum insurance reimbursement for it’s clients. To accomplish this, we have developed and use processes described in our industry as “best practices” related to charge capture/reconciliation, claims submission and denial management. For extra convenience and efficiency, an extensive series of front end edits result in cleaner claims and fewer re-files and/or appeals.

The industry-leading claims strategies used by APS to maximize positive billing outcomes will result in higher approval rates and claims clearance submitted through our system. Claims processed by APS average on 97% adjudication rate on the first pass. This of course results in a healthier accounts receivable.

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Services: Hospitalist Billing Services

  • Complete revenue cycle management
  • Coding
  • Physician credentialing and re-credentialing

 Supporting Functions

  • Individualized Client Services
  • Customized information reporting & performance monitoring