Have You Outgrown your own Billing Company?

The Regulatory, Administrative and Financial challenges practices face are more complex than ever before. Whether an independent practice or hospital owned, the need to meet today’s mandated technology requirements, streamline overhead and improve operating margins is the same. The reality is…

Internal billing programs often lack the expertise to keep up with new healthcare mandates and are expensive to staff, train and maintain.
Hospitals acquiring practices inherit legacy billing systems (staff & software) and/or companies with the challenge of standardizing (physician practice billing is rarely part of hospital expertise).

Today many local, regional and even national billing companies don’t have the internal resources, technology and capabilities to effectively service practices. The result, more “third party processing” and off-shoring of your billing-coding.

Affiliated Professional Services (APS) has the size, technology and resources to grow with your practice. We also have 30 years of experience successfully meeting healthcare challenges.