My years in the radiology business have shown me that this industry is nothing if not resilient. Of course, our ability to adapt to change has been tested pretty severely in the past few years – since the DRA passed in 2005, it has sometimes seemed like one piece of bad news after another for imaging. And still we keep going, persevering, bringing patients the care they need while coping with an increasingly dire regulatory and reimbursement outlook.

But there are signs that things are looking up for radiology – obscure economic indicators, if you will. One that caught my eye is a recently released KLAS survey showing that radiology providers plan to acquire 10% more equipment in 2011 than 2010. This buying inclination was also visible at RSNA in November, which, compared to 2009’s conference, was abuzz with energy. Radiology took a beating with the economic crisis that crippled the country, but it’s going to come back strong, the way it always does.

At the heart of this industry’s astonishing ability to survive such Tectonic changes is its ingenuity. Radiologists are early and enthusiastic adapters of the technology and solutions that can make their work more efficient, enabling them to provide ever-improving quality while being more productive than anyone would’ve thought possible a decade ago. It’s hard not to feel a little bit smug about our sector of medicine sometimes. We always seem to turn lemons into lemonade.

The lesson of the past six years in radiology is that there’s always room for improvement somewhere in a practice’s operations. There’s always a process that can be made more
efficient, be it scheduling or dictation or, as we at APS well know, billing. That’s why our singular focus is improving your practice’s bottom line—while providing the kind of personal, customized service you won’t get from a solution that’s merely software-based. We’re here to help, giving you the improved billing performance and business intelligence you need to optimize your profits.

APS has a “Return to Client” process, which is an automated process allowing APS to educate and provide feedback to radiologists. APS is able to track and report back any radiology billing or coding issues to the client. The radiologist receives individual feedback on a weekly basis on how they can improve their dictation. By providing this “Return to Client” service, we ensure that our clients are always paid appropriately for what they do.

It can be hard to see the silver lining when the bad news for imaging seems to keep coming—but believe me, it’s there. With a little ingenuity, we can keep improving the practice of radiology together, proving, once again, that this industry is strong enough and smart enough to withstand any changes thrown its way.