APS Testimonials

“We chose APS after an exhaustive national search. APS staff is extremely well-trained and professional. We couldn’t be happier with our decision.”

Judson Cannon

CPA Memphis Radiology Group
Memphis, TN

“We were pleased to find APS demonstrated a long term commitment to improving processes through expanded use of technology. They utilize an extensive series of front-end edits resulting in cleaner claims, fewer refiles and/or appeals (improved denial management) therefore creating a heathier client AR/profile. APS has also developed a number of value added functions related to technology that yield high levels of functionality in staff productivity and transaction volumes.”

Patricia Kroken, FACMPE CRA

Healthcare Resource Providers
Albuquerque, NM

“Since the day they took over the billing for my practice, they have been the model of consistency. I am very satisfied having them be part of my business team.”

Desiree A. Carlson, M.D.

Chief of Pathology
Brockton Hospital, Brockton, MA
President, Carlson Pathology Associates, P.C.


“The right fit when outsourcing medical billing is critical for success. APS proactively streamlines processes, uses proprietary systems/IT capabilities to keep AR days down and cash flow up. APS’ knowledgeable team of experienced professionals is dedicated to every detail related to our account. Our client service manager is readily accessible and proactive in all aspects of collaboration that include but are not limited to reduction of denials, reduction of collection accounts, providing reports, and completion of MIPS/MACRA reporting. Results driven people and close collaboration have made our relationship with APS extremely effective for our operations.”

Linda Masin,
Practice Manager/Compliance Officer
Eastern Radiological Associates

“Beverly Radiology Associates is a mid-sized community based practice comprised of 17 Radiologists and a Practice Administrator. We are confident that we have chosen an outstanding partner in APS. The professional and efficient operations at APS allow our physicians to concentrate on the practice of radiology. Meticulous attention is paid to every step in the priocess from the electronic transmission of patient’s demographics and reports to the payment for services. Our relationship with our individual account representative allows us access to the many experts at APS. Having one person who knows you and your practice coordinate your inquiries and address the needs of your practice instills both confidence and peace of mind.

We have found everyone at APS to be accessible and accommodating. From the staff to the administration, we receive prompt responses to any request. The accuracy of the coding and “up front” attention that is paid to correct claims submission is reflected in our collection ratio. The necessary follow up occurs to collect the appropriate payment for services. Comprehensive monthly management reports are available in the first week of the new month. This allows us to have an “up to the minute” practice performance overview. The ability to request additional and issue specific reports is an important tool for practice administration. Assistance with the exhausting credentialing process is invaluable to our practice. The expert advice they provide on proper documentation for reporting is a crucial component for any practice. In the multifaceted world of medical imaging it is comforting to have an exceptional and trustworthy partner like APS to help us navigate the complex and ever-changing requirements for coding, documentation and billing. With the assistance of APS, we are confident that we can demonstrate the quality and reporting that will be necessary in the new “Pay for Performance” environment.”

Sharon Hayes

Practice Administrator
Beverly, MA