Medical Billing Security

Physical Security of Data Centers

  • Data Center doors are locked and require combination access
  • All servers and network devices are located in the Data Centers
  • All servers and network devices are protected from loss of power by UPS devices and onsite generators
  • The Data Centers are a climate controlled environment with fire suppression systems in place

Network Security

  • APS utilizes best of class, ICSA certified firewalls that regulate all in and outbound traffic
  • There is no dial up access allowed into the APS perimeter network
  • Access to internet sites is strictly limited to those needed for business use only
  • Intrusion detection is utilized to minimize external threats

Protection from Malicious Software

  • Servers and workstations are protected by industry-standard antivirus software. Virus definitions are updated nightly
  • APS utilizes spam and virus filtering services for all inbound email scanning. All fishing, SPAM and virus infected emails are blocked

Transmission Security & Encryption Controls

For protection of the health information being transmitted over the internet APS has four methods of securing data

  • Message Guard software is utilized for sending secure email messages
  • Establishment of secure virtual private networks with clients to allow the exchange of protected health information
  • Secure FTP website for file delivery & retrieval
  • Software encryption methods such as PGP

Equipment Disposal and Media Re-Use

  • Hard drives are taken apart and damaged beyond repair before disposal
  • Floppy disks are broken or cut into multiple pieces
  • CD/DVDs are broken into multiple pieces
  • Windows native delete is utilized to wipe hard drives clean
  • Symantec Live State Recovery software is utilized to install a base line image containing only the files required to operate the PC and the software required on the machine

Server Redundancy & Data Backup

  • Mission critical servers are replicated to virtual servers
  • All servers run nightly backups to a backup device located in the main data center
  • Backup tapes containing archived data are stored in a fireproof safe
  • System restore procedures are tested periodically

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