Get to Know APS:

Revenue Management Experts

ReviewIn 1982, a group of radiology technicians identified ways to increase the revenue of local medical practices. This group founded Affiliated Professional Services, and 36 years later, APS has become the authority on medical billing and revenue cycle management services.

APS is comprised of several knowledgeable departments who work together to yield the highest return on investment. We understand that each and every practice is different. We also understand the importance of maintaining clear goals to reach rewarding results.

Our privately-held status allows us to steer away from market-driven distractions. Therefore, APS clients enjoy the advantage of remaining our sole focus. While customizing our efforts to each individual client’s needs, our team members achieve success through dedicated collaboration and innovative problem solving. 

To learn more about what APS can do for you, call us at 866-914-8719 or send us an email.