APS – A Proven Medical Billing Specialist

ReviewAPS has been a leading provider of medical billing and revenue cycle management services for over 35 years. APS was formed in 1982 by experienced radiology professionals.

The goal: Provide the highest-quality services in a cost-effective manner while maintaining focus on the individual client’s needs. The experienced professionals comprising the APS teams are interactive to improve and expedite workflow. Our extensive use of technology yields the highest levels of staff functionality, productivity and efficiency in reducing claims processing time from initiation to final APS remains a privately-held company headquartered in Wareham, MA. This status allows a stronger focus on clients and minimizes market-driven distractions. APS is committed to being a leader and a benchmark for the industry… staying ahead of the curve in the ever-changing healthcare environment.

– W. Scott Cubellis, CEO

Corporate Headquarters:

2527 Cranberry Highway,
Wareham, MA 02571