Billing & A/R Management

Billing/collections activities demand the use of efficient processes and/or technology to offset the impact of rising administrative cost.

Over 95% of APS claims are filed electronically. At APS we embrace both process and technology, operating based on a recent independent industry audit at “best practices” levels in productivity.

Data Acquisition/Charge Capture

“Maximum automation, electronic edits to flag potential problems early. State of the art.”

Charge Entry

“Highly automated, computer system provides numerous reports for real-time productivity and progress monitoring.”

Claims Submission

APS claims submission process “best practices” in terms of timely submission and use of scrubbers for improved clean claims resulting in most claims being paid on the first pass by insurance companies.

Payment Posting

Facilitated by electronic remittance and bar coding for private pay-payments.

Billing & A/R Management

“Best practice levels”

Accounts Receivable

Payments posting/deposits made daily with daily reporting to track each account